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Yesterday, I participated in a Zoom talk with the international group of exhibiting artists who were selected for 'Viral Glass', curated by David McFadden and presented by Habatat Gallery. It was wonderful to meet everyone and to listen to each artist discuss their work alongside images of the selected pieces. Various common themes surfaced about how the pandemic has affected, inspired, or altered work and creative practices. The show exhibits a wide range of glass artistry, design, and skillsets, making this a unique display of artist responses to the challenges of the past year. It really is an honour to have 'Measuring My Days' included in this exhibition, with such a distinguished group of creatives. The talk was recorded and is now on YouTube and can be watched by following this link:

It’s been three years since I last exhibited, but I am very excited to have new work in a show again and am especially excited that it is Viral Glass, curated by David McFadden, former Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts & Design, NYC. The exhibition is presented by Habatat Galleries and can be viewed online at 'Measuring My Days' is a project that I developed during the pandemic lockdown in Scotland, while I was writing the final chapters of my PhD thesis. I incorporated its development in Chapter 7 of my dissertation, which can be found here.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Today I defended my creative, non-traditional dissertation during my viva voce and enormous hurdle to completing my PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Just final thesis revisions to make now. Due to Covid restrictions, I was not permitted to hold an exhibition of my work to show my examiners the physical artefact that is my thesis. Instead, I pivoted and developed a digital version. Below is the presentation of my artist's book-thesis, shown as my examiners would have seen it. It is best viewed with sound.

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