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Black Box Dissertation

The Black Box Dissertation is my creative, non-traditional doctoral thesis originally submitted to the University of Edinburgh in July 2020. I designed it to be a physical artist's book-thesis, but given our pandemic circumstances, I pivoted to create a digital version in order to exhibit it virtually to my examiners and properly defend my work in my viva. I hope you enjoy interacting with it below (on desktop) by clicking through the various 'objects' in the opened box. To take a tour of my artist's book-thesis, please watch my video presentation 'Navigating Lisa's Black Box Dissertation'. I recently attended my graduation in Edinburgh to receive my degree award in person in July 2022. To access and download the University's published PDF of my thesis, please visit it in the Edinburgh library.

                                               Image: A Black Box Dissertation-Open (Lisa Naas, 2020)

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