The Fascinator (2013)

Kiln formed glass and bits of wire, 13in x 7in (each glass strand is .2in thick)

'The Fascinator' is an extreme play on a traditional, feminine accessory, designed to explore ideas around voyeurism and perspective. As a combination mask and fascinator head piece, it appears to blind its wearer but also does not permit her viewer to see her eyes. Its edges are so sharp that it is a little risky to touch. I created it with a future performance in mind and as one of three extreme takes on female adornment. The idea began for me while I was taking a class in residence at Pilchuck Glass School in Summer 2012. 'The Fascinator' was a finalist in Bullseye's 'emerge 2014' exhibition.

'The Fascinator' (Image: Lisa Naas)
Live Model Fitting for 'The Fascinator' (Image: Lisa Naas)
Early sketches and mock-ups for 'The Fascinator' while I was in residence at Pilchuck (Image: Lisa Naas)