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A Looking Glass Book (2013)

Paper, polychromatic c-prints, newspaper. 7.25in x 5.25in x 1in (closed book) 

'A Looking Glass Book', from my first semester in 2013 as a postgraduate student, developed from my thought that as a “mature” student, I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the MFA Glass programme at Edinburgh. I used this book as an alternative gallery space to showcase my collaborative glass project with colleagues called 'Let's Meet Over a Glass', while simultaneously telling my story of my ECA experience. I juxtaposed images of our glass objects with text excerpts from the Lewis Carroll book Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. The pages are held between the dried-out newspaper used to shape the glass during our hotshop sessions. Astute readers will find mirror writing throughout—Alice’s lines that convey my more personal thoughts. It has a concertina format and size varies on its display.

'A Looking Glass Book' closed, showing studio newspapers used as the covers
3. Naas.Looking Glass Book.jpg
Front side of the concertina book, reading left to right
Backside of the concertina book, reading left to right with signatures at the end to highlightall the artists who worked on the glass with me
Detail of two pages in the book where I juxtapose the glass 'Nesting' objects on the left with Alice's lines on the right. Mirror writing can be found on the left.
Process picture making the 'Nesting' objects, which were layered glass, metal mess, and silver leaf.
Underside of one of the creature 'Nesting' objects after annealing.
Backside of one of the 'Nesting' creature objects after annealing.
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