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SORROWS Project (2014–2015)

The Sorrows Project is currently comprised of two works: 'The Sorrows Release Installation' and the 'SORROWS' film, which captures the installation as a videoart piece. 'The Sorrows Release Installation', a glass and sound collaboration, offers a broad audience an immersive, sensory experience of community sorrows. Through engineering and the use of new technologies, the installation performs and inhabits its space, reacts to live audience events, and offers ever-changing, personal art experiences to spur dialogue about isolation, connection, and human emotion in this wired and wi-fi age. The installation expresses the release of community sorrows as the simile 'sorrows are like secrets...they are whispered'. It is comprised of 500+ glass pieces developed from Lisa's unique modified pâte de vérre technique and coupled with dynamic audio created from her whispered voice. Inherent to the work are two approaches to the simile/concept that merge and support one another to fulfill one vision: Lisa 'paints' the space with glass while David 'sculpts' the space with sound. Tying the two together is sound and electrical engineering made possible by a team of engineers keen to bring their expertise to the arts. A wide array of camouflaged micro-speakers create a soundscape that changes with live audience events. The first edition of the project was installed and exhibited May-June in Evolution House lobby at Edinburgh College of Art. As an assembled, gestural work, it can be installed to conform to almost any given space. The Sorrows work is a Glass Whispers Project, which was supported by the Ingenious Grant, awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2015.

Sorrows - David Faleris and Lisa Naas
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