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The 'SORROWS' Film, June 2015

Aiming to entice the viewer with macro images of glass and a haunting soundscape created entirely from human voice, 'SORROWS' exposes an internal world of personal thought that insists upon an external expression. Using footage from the 'Sorrows Release Installation' (Edinburgh College of Art, 2015), the short film 'SORROWS' documents the collaborative glass and sound work between artist Lisa Naas and composer David Faleris. Film viewers will see the concept behind the 'Sorrows Release' project take shape from Lisa’s perspective on sorrows, those flutterings of pain and memory that live in the recesses of the mind and move to the fore when triggered. Sorrow is part of the human condition, experienced individually but connecting us collectively. Juxtaposing the interior with the exterior, clarity with confusion, tension with release, movement with stillness, and cacophony with quiet, 'SORROWS' strives to embody the complicated, organic emotions around sorrows.


The film, abstract in both visuals and audio, is comprised of three short segments accompanied by a shifting soundscape created from whispered voice. The segments move from an internal world to an external world with a bridge between the two in the form of a poem. Taken as a whole, the film exists on two planes: first as a platform to explore the intangible idea of sorrows in glass, sound, light, and movement, and secondly as a documentary of a singular artistic process from the artist's perspective. 'SORROWS' examines the passage from creative concept in the mind to work realisation where viewers are given glimpses of the final, realised glass installation.


The film uses the first segment of images and sound to invite the viewer into an intimate, personal space which offers extraordinary images of unique, macro shots of glass that few have had the opportunity to see. Overlaid with whispered sorrows, the accompanying soundscape uses human voice to create an internal, watery world of pulsing life, pregnant with ideas. Sound and image build to a climax to yield the second segment: a solo voice, a solo image, and a coherent poem that makes clear the simile 'sorrows are like secrets...they are whispered'. This creates the bridge from concept to project realisation and from internal restlessness to external expression. The third segment reveals the physical installation of glass, sound, and engineering that developed from the poem. It brings the short film to a close, commenting on the ambiguity of sorrows and their nature.

Team members on the film include Lisa Naas, Alkisti Terzi, and David Faleris.

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