Today I defended my creative, non-traditional dissertation during my viva voce and enormous hurdle to completing my PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Just final thesis revisions to make now. Due to Covid restrictions, I was not permitted to hold an exhibition of my work to show my examiners the physical artefact that is my thesis. Instead, I pivoted and developed a digital version. Below is the presentation of my artist's book-thesis, shown as my examiners would have seen it. It is best viewed with sound.

Updated: Feb 17

We've made our first foray into academic publishing with an article about our Makers Marks project. "Makers Marks: Capturing, Preserving, and Sharing the Sounds of Glassmaking" is part of MDPI's Arts Journal special issue Contemporary Glass Art: Materiality and Digital Technologies. Take a look at the article by clicking through the image below:

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