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The Sorrows Release Story

The Sorrows Release Project began with a little origami crane and the concept of sorrows.  It was New Year's Day 2014 and Lisa was folding papers into origami cranes out of Dave's discarded sheet music and thinking about them in their uses as tokens of good wishes. In Eastern traditions, if a maker folds 1000 cranes and strings up the papers together outside, legend has it that once the elements disintigrate the cranes, the maker's wish will be released. Lisa began thinking about what it might look like to have 1000 black glass cranes strung up together...her wish was to release the sadnesses held by others. 

Origami Crane Inspirations
Glass Origami prototypes
Abstracting the Origami Crane Form
Social Probe
Social Probe
Social Probe out in ECA Library
Recording Lisa's Voice
Producing the Audio Tracks
First Sorrows Flight Gesture
Gesture detail of glass
Profile of the Glass Panel
Prototyping the Soundscape
Sensors used in the installation
Microspeakers used for Installation
Sketching the microspeaker placement
David and Lisa Installing Sorrows
Setting the Final Pieces
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