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Makers Marks

Makers Marks was a collaborative project which brought together sound designers, glass artists, and engineers. We questioned the nature of glass through dialogue between media and conversation among team members. The goals of the work were to bridge the gap between art object and audience through sound and engineering as well as to preserve and share the sounds of traditional glassmaking in distinctive ways. Makers Marks is comprised of five works: 'Makers Suite', 'Sounding Glass', 'Glass in Translation', 'Feedback Loops', and 'Re-Sonata'. Makers Marks is a Glass Whispers Project, supported by the Ingenious Grant, awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2015. Read more about the project, here: in MDPI Arts Journal article 'Makers Marks: Capturing, Preserving, and Sharing the Sounds of Glassmaking' by Lisa Naas and David Faleris.

Makers Marks in exhibition at Summerhall, Edinburgh
Detail shot of 'Sounding Glass'
Exhibition visitors playing 'Sounding Glass'
'Glass in Translation' in exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art
Listening to 'Makers Whirlpool'
'Feedback Loops' in exhibition
Listening to 'Feedback Loops'
'Sounding Glass' with Programming
Open Studio Night
Playing 'Sounding Glass'
'Makers Marks' in exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art
Presenting 'Makers Mark' at Summerhall, Edinburgh
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