Bound to Break (2009)

Flame-worked and kiln cast glass, monochromatic c-prints, silk, bookboard, ink , 6.25in x 7.5in x .75in (closed book)

'Bound to Break' explores the mental trappings that we wear as daily accessories, which immobilise us and bind us to unwanted situations and circumstances. I created flame-worked chains and cast glass shackles and then wore them to make self-portrait images, which resemble fashion photographs. I hand-bound the images together in an artist's book to tell a story. This work was exhibited in Bibliophoria II: The Art of the Book, a juried, group exhibit presented by Sebastopol Art Center in 2011 and Handle with Care, a juried group glass exhibition presented by The Foundry Art Centre in 2010.

This image shows the glass shackles, chains, and black silk are shown in this image before I wore them for the photo shoot. For exhibition, I have installed them beside the book or at the foot of the plinth or display. (Image: Lisa Naas)
I hot-glued the shackles in place to wear it all for the photo shoot. This image is raw footage from the shoot. (Image: Lisa Naas & Adrianne Hee))