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Makers Marks: Feedback Loops

'Feedback Loops' is a series of kiln cast glass work that uses a visual form to describe the creative processes we use. Marcin describes his sound design as 'continuous', 'recursive', 'looping', and 'self-replicating'. Our kiln cast glass shape therefore takes the form of a 'Klein' bottle, which is a glass piece that is forever feeding into itself, with no clear beginning or ending. In the glass craft tradition, it is usually a blown piece, but with these pieces we have used digital rendering tools to assist with the design of a kiln cast piece, enabling nuance within the glass that is different than that of blown pieces. To complement the pieces, Marcin has included sound work derived from our recordings of the making in the glass studios. Team members on 'Feedback Loops' include Marcin Pietruszewski, Alan Horsley, Lisa Naas, and David Faleris.

Feedback Loops Exhibit
Feedback Loops
Feedback Loops detail
Feedback Loops in Exhibition
Feedback Loop: a cast Klein bottle
Feedback Loops development process
Feedback Loop 3D printing prep
Feedback Loops 3D print prep
Feedback Loops 3D prints
Feedback Loops mould making
Feedback Loops in Kiln
Untitled - Marcin Pietruszewski
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