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Makers Marks: Makers Suite

Our team of composers and audio engineers isolated the making sounds from the studio environment in the field recordings, and then developed and transformed these source sounds into virtual instruments that can be used to create musical compositions, soundscapes, and sound effects for visual media (film, performance, contemporary art work).  We are pleased to share these files with you below. Library Sets 1-4 contain the source audio of the glassmaking process and were developed by Marcin Pietruszewski and David Faleris with assistance from Lisa Naas, Ingrid Phillips, and Laura Reed. Library Set 5 contains virtual instruments free to use in your own sonic creations. Library Set 5 was developed by David Faleris, XueRan Chen, Alessandro Mastroianni, Antriksh Bali, George Karpasitis, Alberto Vásquez, Zuzana Michlerová, and Cara Clay. We encourage creatives to play with all files and share them with us so that we maintain an ever-expanding virtual instrument library.

'Makers Suite' is the first musical composition to be created from our source audio and newly developed sounds. The piece was created by composer David Faleris and meant to be a companion piece to accompany the exhibition of Makers Marks. Team members on 'Makers Suite' include David Faleris, XueRan Chen, Alessandro Mastroianni, Lisa Naas, and Marcin Pietruszewski.

Makers Suite - David Faleris
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