In Concert With Glass highlights my research, practice, ideas, and collaborative efforts engaged with glass as a creative medium. 

-Lisa Naas

     Image: Recording the Sound of Glass Marvering for the "Glass Whispers Project"   (David Faleris, 2016)

The Glass Whispers Project was the overarching, collaborative endeavor led by PhD student/artist Lisa Naas and composer David Faleris. It is comprised of the 'Sorrows Project' and 'Makers Marks' and was funded by the Ingenious Award of the Royal Academy of Engineering through Edinburgh College of Art as a research and public engagement grant. The project aimed to marry glass with sound through the science of engineering, bringing together artists and composers with programming experts, electrical engineers, and audio engineers to create installation-performance pieces along with performing objects and objects of performance. The goals of the project were to engage the public and highlight engineering within the art-making and to close the gap between audience and art object through engineering and interactive technology.